Sunday, May 6, 2012

the parts that dont fade

coming up for seconds
broken pieces of yesterday
floating to the surface
simmering iridescence
pearls made of mirrors
parts of this earth that only paint reflections

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today i resolve
to not be the same person
i've always been
who pulls you back
to keep myself feeling wanted and steady
who lets you wonder
if my love will return to hold you
when i know it will not
when i know
i cannot bring myself to look at you the same
how hard i have tried to for so long
i know there is no turning back
that in the moment
i decided
to whole heartedly
give myself to someone else
to find myself being worthy of trust
and finding someone worthy of my own
someone without a history of secrets
in that moments
i became
no longer yours
or our own

so today
i resolve
to resolve again tomorrow
to be moving more every moment then the last
to be always growing
whether i am better tomorrow than today
or not
i promise to not be the same
i promise to never again
stand still in the roots of past convictions
and to be more
in every way we both failed to be for each other
not for her
not for me
but for who we were
and the potential we slowly splintered away
when all we tried to do
was not change