Friday, October 7, 2016

After you

Before you
I was a never ending
Ream of words

I was mornings unfolding to greet the day in language
In metaphor
In the rhythm of my thoughts bouncing off my keyboard

After you
I am never quite sure
Of the right word to say 
I am terrified of paper
I am apprehensive of anything proposing its own permanence
I am looking for exit signs
In all the pretty girls eyes

I am looking for you
And the wind
In everything I do

After you
I am forgetting the names to my favorite songs
I am turning the melodies inside out
Pulling the words out from the spine
slow and one at a time

After you
I am without
Everything I thought was
I am no language
I am foreign tongue
I am tone deaf 
I am too quiet
I am removed from my hands
I am full of salt

after you
I am not mine