Sunday, January 13, 2019


 Remember the evening 

we turned waimānalo kai ko’o to silk?  

How we glided over her skin in perfect unison 

How she showed her truest blues 

and we were called like children

 to bathe in her magic 

Remember how the  wa’a was moved?

How we were too? 

How she pulled all the old melodies out of me

 that night I held you close against my chest 

& felt the ocean breathing through your skin

These are the moments i recall

 anytime i watch the water pull

Anytime our moana’s music dares me to dive deep

I remember your subtle cadence 

your breath on the back of my neck

The soft confidence in your voice 

The pull and push of your hips

Telling me 

It’s easy, 

Just dance

With me 

& I do 

& I do 

& I Always do