Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dont let go

Not many will love like me
Unfurl their whole ocean
Damnless heart
Will surrender the moon
And every part of them with the potential to pull

But you want a soft
Easy love
Like a waikīkī winter shore break
I cannot be so small
And cold
Not to throw my whole self in your direction

You asked
So I gave you my mattress
The cent of my hair
My body
And history
You smile and say you love me
Like love
Is something you can leave in the margins if things get heavy

But heavy is all I know
Steep crashing water
Is my only rhythm
I can give you no less than
All of me all at once

To love
Is to let a billion gallons of water fall out of me
While you turn away
I will never get any of that water back

Which is to say
I would be nothing
Should you choose to leave
I know this by the scent of being left before

Which is to say
My memory of love is cut and scared over
Which is to say
That I have seen the warning signs of kite runners before

Which is to say
To love you
The only way I know how
With all my weight and strength
Is the bravest thing I can do

Which is to say
I am not afraid of you
Just the space you could leave behind in your wake
That you are worthy of every pound of this boundless love
That I would give you myself
A million times over
Even knowing the kind of hallow that could come

Which is to say
When I open my eyes
Try to pull you close to my chest
Whisper I love you
Hold it close
Hold me