Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 666: heterooooo

Heterosexuality! You are inexorably approaching

The body of a woman
Remains soft
Even when she isn’t
When she doesn’t want to be
She is silk under sunlight’s shimmer
Even when she is a burning furnace
Her body
Will ask you to move closer
Touch softer
Love harder

These are the parts of you I’ve loved
By mistake
The parts of me that have fallen
Trapped under your skin
And the way it moved under me
I admire that trickery
And am curios to your scheme
But curiosity can only hold so long

some mornings I wake
finding a gravity in my body that you cannot calm
I find a home in the craters of a harder place
That doesn’t shine
Or shimmer
Doesn’t hold like you do
The fear of change
Is the same fear that kept me hidden in closet like dungeons

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