Saturday, March 24, 2012

day 977: beyond the horizon

my mind is on chicago skylines
and the way 2 eyes
made me distant enough to ignore the lines
ignore the sides we promised to stand by

i am forgetting
how to ignore the remnants of you that i still carry with me
i do not want us back
i just want the parts of myself i lost track of in our collision

but what of all this i have taken
pieces of my confidence
that shine still of your smile
fractures of my strength
set ablaze by the electricity in your gaze

i promised myself
id stop wriing poems for you
but what about for the parts of me that were never returned
do those pieces stay silent too?

tonight im remembering a girl who loved me like skyline
like iʻd always stay
and im loving a girl
who trembles under my touch
i am recognizing the difference
and remembering the loneliness
i couldnt ever shake as your horizon

this is not a poem for your smile
its a psalm for our story
its a promise to carry forward
whisper to remember why it ended
this is not for the way every woman in every airport seems to wear your perfume
not for the songs i still use to sing myself to sleep
this is for closure and new beginings

for girls who carry baggage like sickness in the waves of their eyes
for the one who carries me into every tomorrow
reminding me why i left
the heavy and broken parts behind
when you no longer fit in my skin

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