Tuesday, July 10, 2018

One more song

How did you become
This secret song 
Afraid of it’s own melody 
What was this falling 
Out and apart 
That frayed your edges 
So far to blur 
you could no longer see
what was inside, out and in between 

How did you 
Make becoming 
A quiet prayer of forgetting 
Of slipping away into your own shadow

i am looking 
for that still place where the music waits 
for me, to breathe her into the morning
it is the only way iʻve ever known how to pray
i am looking 
for the woman i was
who once built a monument in the name of maybe
who was willing to fall for possibility 
i am looking 

won’t you sit here with me
watch the notes bounce against the rafters
catch them in the corners of your mouth 
let them dance across your lips
with me 

won’t you
sit here
rest your breath against my palms
just for one more song 

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