Wednesday, December 23, 2009

day 156: untitled

there are no tears in his eye when he cries
only diamonds
his skin is yellow
we watch him
eyes closed
we sing as if we hold healing in our voices
but we all know
no one is healing here
we are all just breaking backwards
pretending its growth
like we are learning
i am not learning anything but not to trust any breathe to last long enough to say something worth listening to
i am not growing
i am just falling backwards back into heaven
he is to
but neither are welcome
it is far too soon
for death
he see her waiting
gets excited
i am far too selfish for wanting to keep him close
for just a moment
there is nothing more to say
in the meantime we pretending this isnt goodbye
that i'll see you in 50 some odd years
but who knows how long heaven holds you
before you are sent backwards
where we wont be anymore

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