Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 945: a castle for two

there were so many poems
i was ready to write
last night
as your chest was rising against my spine

this morning
now evening
is only filled with the absence of words i left
scribbled on the insides of your cheeks

loving you is like building a castle for two
or a boat
or a bike
anything that holds or moves
and everything seems perfect
until one morning
someone turns off the lights
and you cant see anything but your own hands
cant feel anything but absence
dont know how much youʻve built
dont know how strong is stands
how long it may last
just that it was once there
that you were holding it upright
and now,
instead of the steady moments of creation
all you feel is left
all you feel is alone

wondering if you built something strong enough
to stand on its own

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