Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 951: baggage claim

she probes
as if there is something caught under my skin
something foreign
that must be removed
i asure here
there is only me and my memories here
nothing else worth mentioning
but she wants them too
the memories
to be opened liked picture books
and read aloud
and too many of them
are broken into screams
and cries into the night
and i've only just found a place for them to be silent
and out of the way
so i refuse her embrace
down want it all coming back up
to bite me in the face

i just wait
for the questions to stop falling out of her mouth like white wash
and for the silence to take over her body
the way it did to mine
months ago with her touch
there is nothing dishonest about turning away from something heavy
nothing wrong
with leaving your baggage on the trolly
as long as you promise
to never go searching
to never miss its contents
to never check your claim ticket

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