Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 1: In Transit(ion)

The horn on this plane
rings like a pū
reminds me of the way
i will ask permission
to return
to the hearts of this home
how i must arrive
a stranger
one who has wandered too far way to call myself sacred
with too much stardust of another city
caught under my skin
an unfamiliar stench to kin

when it sings again
when i find myself released
the sting will remind me of all my promises
the ones i had no business making
will scratch at the back of my throat like a forgotten prayer
like a chant i havent sung in years

Kunihi ka mauna
stand erect as the ridge line
do not fear its shape
do not stutter in your request
know only
you have found your way
home, a stranger to you
hope for a reply of welcome

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