Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 7: RIP John Vietnam

is a fucked up thing
she will have you knowing that grandmas and grandads die constantly
sometimes mothers
and fathers
sometimes brother and daughters
and yet
knowing so
you still find yourself surprised
when you see a post on facebook about a boy you knew
through closer friends
has died

dont understand how this could have happened
how the world tipped and let another young life slip off the edges
just know that shit aint right
not sure if you are justified in crying
justified to feel
for you know nothing of his skin, kin
palms or lips
know very little of his voice
nothing of his heart
and yet
here you are shaking tears from your skin like practice
trying to understand the meaning of tragedy and if this is it...
you think it is

i guess this is the promise we make ourselves in living
that death
at each corner
will shake us at each turn
no matter who it is
but that when the dying are young
and beautiful
and brilliant
and full of potential,
like you, John

they will remind us of our siblings
and all the other young people who are not done living
we will return home and hold them close
knowing that no one is safe
in this earth tipping game

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