Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 29: tonight

dad sings about times that were
and i am just listing to a song that was
on the tip of everyone tongue

someone leaves
today its me
stumbling over words
and guitar strings
trying to slip out a melody
but there is only rust and sand
and lost lives
and a girl too young to watch
so today it is me, leaving

some nights i am brooklyn bound
C train stuck
trying to build my home in the ruble of crumbling buildings
some nights i am pacific
open ocean

tonight i am a million empty miles in every direction
i am the hollow of my fathers guitar on nights it lays forgotten
and the melodies we've allowed to slip under our skin
the ones we refuse to mention again

i am slicing every inch of this distance
trying to find a metaphor
convinced there has to be something serious hidden in the nothing that surrounds me
i am wrong
and stubborn
and trying to ignore the pieces of me falling out

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