Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 28: When we Finally Realized

when we finally realized we were the language...
we scraped the silver lining from our shackled skin 
tore ourselves back to black
and brown at the edges
let the screaming dance escape

when we finally realized...
we became a home
with salt and sea protection guarding a place worthy of our roots

when we finally realized
we planted something that could grow
threw away their parts of speech
the ones that had us cuffed and cored
we executed their verbs 
and pro nous
returned to our ku'u
to our kåkou and 'oe
and let the 
she and he's
her and him's
the its and me's
let them be a broken shimmy 
down the drain 

when we finally realized
WE could name our bodies
we held our tongues
and danced the sight of it
to sound

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