Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 4: Body's Decay

when thinking about disaster
and the bodies left behind
or the ones choosing to stay
the ones 
who the earth was made for
who wait to see earth end
and waters triumph
when speaking of disaster 
as a child might
as you watch the water rise
when speaking of such
of any form is rarely a choice

when speaking of disaster
and the bodies 
screaming from roof tops
cursing god
and looking for a new savior
when speaking of those
not burnt by suns glare
skin as thick as molasses  
remember the way 
their bodies were chained to place
and movement is only meant for the privileged
don't come easy to ocean choked concrete

when speaking of disaster
think of a bodyʻs atrophy
mutations in the muscle
making movement impossible
think of the ones who couldn't get away
whether they tried
or who believe in staying til earths end
and not running 
coward like
to dry land

when speaking of disaster
of katrina
and indonesia
think of the body
remember its decay
not unlike its city 

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