Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 9: A seed that insists to flower

When attempting to lull a foreign body 
let no seed be left unturned
scatter language over his skin
to nurture a forest of growth he has forgotten
let every song that resists to be put to tongue
come to life in the shake of hips
conjure wahine Hōpoe
sweet lehua nectar that insists on being remembered

As you pass through, in danger
Make wind of metaphor to brush chill against the nape of his neck
Let him not forget the sharp sting of ʻŪkiu rain 
how it would turn to sweat
make sure the seeds will stick

This is the way your voice will be given permanence
How you will be allowed safety in your crossing
That you may return to her

So sing your way through valley and cliffs edge
Bring vision to places you’ve come to in darkness
That your kaona may be memorialized in stone and premonition
insure that women will repeat the words you have written
that you will be remembered
as the wahine
who left Hōpoe’s lehua grove
but never forgot the taste
of sweet nectar on your tongue
a seed that insist to flower

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