Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thick Love

The first night we kissed
I found myself split in two

I am the skeleton of a woman who has never been loved
I am a trusting heart in the shaky hands of sirens
I am love so vast is overcomes
It supernovas
And crashes into itself
I am
But she
Is gone
And I know what alone is
I know a night so black
It speaks
I know a darkness so thick
It sings
I am the shed skin of a wolf
Howling at the moon marked at your door
Looking for her body
Looking for a way to hold

I cannot stop looking at the creases in your palms
With my eyes closed
I can feel the way they leave lines on my arms
Mapping me with your every move
Show the places to be loved
Point out the potential
Here I come hurling myself in your direction
breaking my body into a thousands crashing waves at your ankles
you like the way  my water crashes over you
I thought that meant I could stay
Could be held

iʻve been trying to find a way to bring these two bodies back together
been feeling like something significant was lost in the shatter
Most nights
I lie Awake
How to steal the night from your hair
Just a piece of the darkness
To cover my body
To feel like I might still belong to something that will wrap its whole self around me
Its been so long since you’ve been here
And so long
Since I’ve believed you were coming back

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