Wednesday, May 1, 2019

E kuʻu mau haumana

I learned at an early age

That the best way to teach

Is simply to tell the truth 

This is what iʻve always tried to do with you

And isnt that the point of moʻolelo 

To share something real

That might resonate 

That might make change

That you might find truth in too

And so My kupuna believe

Truth comes from darkness

From pō

They say 

Comes ʻoiaʻio 

The truth is 

I’ve been struggling 

Knowing this.. I guess I could say that these days

I feel saturdated in truth

Sometimes I wake realizing 

I am not quite ready to imagine legacy

The dance from child to sibling to parent

Of a generation of schoalrs who will supass and outlive me


But this again is a part of the practice of being worthy of teaching

This was always a part of the duty

Recently, A friend reminded me 

That before I was born I agreed to the life laid before me

So here I am 

Weaving baskets of moʻolelo 

Preparing to carry you in 

Like my kupuna and kumu did for me

But whats the truth?

Sometimes kuleana is heavy


Sometimes it marks the body in black ink 

Sometimes it bleeds through the skin 

Sometimes I forget the right way to carry it 

To walk under it

To speak in my own voice 

Sometimes I am ashamed

Of the ways I do not live up yo my own names 

Other times

I feel graditude for all the smalls waYS YOU ALL HAVE FORGIVEN ME



Filling THE spaces I didnt quite know how to dance in

For all the ways you forgive me for all I am lacking 

The truth is I have spent 24 years preparing for these momenets 

To read and write and talk about the truth with you 

The truth is 

I was born to the greatst kumu who ever lived

My father

And his 

And mothers moving on for generataions

And an ʻāina and moana that has loved me beyond my own meaaasure

I have been given more moʻolelo then I could ever deserve

Than I could ever carry

And here I am 

At the precipice of a moment 

Meant to understand my own function 

Standing before you 

With more questions than answers 

In a time where our lack of understanding has the gravest consequesnces 

And most of the time

The truth is 

I fail to do it all justice

So instead 

Here is the lesson I should have led with 

When I was a child

Moʻolelo was the most intimate gift to be offered 

It meant you were worthy 

It meant you were loved 

It meant you were cherished

It meant I want to offer you my eyes

For you to see a bit of this world like I do 

For a moment 

In complicated fashion 

But with aloha for everything around you 

And so the truth?

I wonder most nights

That even if I wasnt the best version of myself this semester

If you still got to hold the magic 

Still got to sit in awe and wonder

For this moʻolelo you are now a part of 

And always have been 

2000 generations in the making 

As old as a sea of islands 

Still growing 

I wonder 

If you were moved

If we were moved

If we can continue to move those around us who fail to see what we do 

So If nothing else I hope you 

Remember these truths 

Remember the gifts of bravery and imagining 

That we stand on the shoulders of giants 

That everything that has ever been done 

Was once impossible 

And the only way we know

All the amazing tranformations that it can be done

Is because someone somewhere carried the moʻolelo 

And loved someone enough to share it 

Like I have hopefully done 

With you 

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