Wednesday, August 14, 2013

5 memories i wish werent mine

5 memories i wish werent mine

you are a yellow faced dandelion
a cracked stem with no tomorrow
you are a sour excuse of a life fated away
i am m too caught in my own curly haried youth
to notice a last moment before its gone

i am the corner of the room
sterile and still
you are the sight of a soul leveled and leaving
i am a every mistake i ever made
every time there wasnt enough attention paid
you are 7 or 8
and gone. a child frozen without a future
and i am still alive
because i say you leave but didnt see you go

i only imagined the fire from the ruble
my own piece of the story
i didnt feel the heat
but know the way it would crackle a foundation

i am a sister to a 5 years old with a best friend in heaven
how the fuck do you explain that?

every time i think you might stay
every morning you promised u had changed
every time i realized you were exactly the same

there is no time that lost love can erase

boys with morals
and best friends with no respect
a handle of vodka and no one to share it with
drive drive beautiful
drive yourself into night
cover you body with the sheet of his skin
build a home in his body with your lips
drive, drive beautiful
dont mind me
ill talk to you,
in the morning

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