Monday, August 12, 2013

Newton's Law

on the morning you wake up
to find
your flesh separating from the bone
and the sun whispering through the curtains of your eyelids
peel yourself from the skin of your couch
pull your breath from the rest it requests
find the pride you left yourself in the corners
do not wait for the walls to blink you through

when the window in your heart has finally closed
and love is so lost
there is no wind left
the civil war in your blood has paused
move yourself away for the still of your home
somewhere to teach you to recognize movement
so the next time someone leaves you
you know it in her shaking
rather than through all the shattering space you find in her departure

When the thunder begins
Dance your way back to the sea
Surrender the weight of your casing to the ocean
remember what it is like to be held by something that breathes
call out her name
as the tide falls through you
until you can imagine the scent of her return
wish her image into the rip of the sea at your ankles
remember the peace of her pull at your hips
the wet of her kiss
cover your body with the memory of her grasp

forget the girl you were in new york city
and the turmoil she gave you
forget the way you tumbled yourself
crossing the continent to catch her breath
forget the wind trying to push itself through your heart
keep the glass pain shut
forget the crackle call of closure
crawl yourself
back to your center of the world

move your body
do not be still
do not be left behind
do not forget to look for the shake of departure in her eyes
the quiet quiver of a drunken mistakes disguise
dance all the move back into your body
until all earth is just a still marble trying to hold you
conquer the weight of gravity
remember the way it once made you so still you forgot you were alive

remember the morning you woke up without your skin
how you had to find pieces of yourself in the memory of mistakes
and all the love you left unmade
remember what happens to a set of bones that fails to stay in motion
and a that woman who gives herself to a closed window
is never more than a whisper condensating on a glass pain
she will always fade
not even her breath will remember her name

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