Monday, August 19, 2013

Love and the Storm

Love before the storm

it is quiet
everything so beautiful
even her scowl
seems to turn you
she the rock
you cant help but wave yourself back to
ever breath she takes
turns you
you silk cocoon
she blessed you
made you so small
all hers
so honored to oblige

Love after she shatters 

a room lined with cracked rain boots
water wont stop falling
she a straight spine
in your direction
your call a surrender
treason against the quiet
where the fuck did your body go
and your mind
and the silent pieces of night
you once carried as a shield
where the fuck is the love
you said shes build you a home with

how the fuck am i supposed to build another home without walls
when she proved physics dont bow down to love
the way you loved to
for her

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