Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 5: Confetti

i can tell you what happens when a foundation cracks
there is a stutter
every pillar shakes with the weight it must recover
for a moment
you may marvel at the strength of the rest of the body
the family 
for holding the assembly together
allowing the structure to stand
for a moment
but nothing will halt the crumble
the clatter
the crushing realization
that the holding together is over

and when it finally falls
when you finally let go
there will be a crash
a shouting of sorts
the final dust of what once was will fall over you like confetti 
and then there is only silence
a stillness completely foreign
it is a quiet that only the shattered can hold
it is a weight you can only feel once it has been lifted

and then you are alone
and there is no longer a panic of falling or breaking
only the fear that you will never hold anything together


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