Thursday, September 12, 2013

from my fathers GUitar

I am not the kind to resist 
i follow the instructions of the hand
in moments
when word cannot be found
i must sing 
to fill the silence
attempt to hold this clean so cold it might crackle

They may not sign on key
but i will make the melody loud
so it will not fade
nor be forgotten
a part of it will stick to the back of your throat
so that every time memory of this moment arises you must hold back 

the mothers cries in the lap of her daughter
but i must not watch 
or wait
i must not give way
i must play
sing to fill the space god has made
my bronze turns bitter
i touch no one
i move before the tips of his fingers can find me
the song falls out like an old memory
we have been here before 
we will be here again
and my responsibility will remain the same
compose a melody thick enough to hold these cold bodies
that they may have the strength to continue

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