Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 93: Tidal waves

shes got a smile like tidal waves
makes you believe sinking just might be beautiful
that drowning is just another way to look at falling in love
that being broken
is the only way to pick yourself back up from the ashes
the only way to live is to love and i'll go under just to breathe
look at my smiles
do they look like scars
do they feel like honesty crawling on the back of your neck

whats me breaking smell like
does it taste like dwindling ashes
or am i an ocean
just swaying back and forth and going no where in the meantime
will i always be stuck in this current
because currently
ive got cuts forming from my inability to decide my own movements
gravity works in every direction
and magnets
they dont get to choose who they are attracted to and yet
never complain
just kiss away their strength until left hopeless

whats it look like when one magnet doesnt kiss back
is it possible to break the pull by being cautious
or are we all doomed to love and not be loved until we are loved
and whats it look like when we finally give up?
does it look like a tidal wave
like someone is sinking today
like her smile
does it look like a suicide
like an ocean
like love
is swallowing us all

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