Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 95: My Jeans

my jeans have tears



but they are beautiful


know me better than any other clothing i wear

i take them everywhere

just like my friends

they appear to be past their time sometimes

and yet

i can't bring my self to leave them behind

so i just keep stitching and patching

but needles hurt

and my aim is crooked

so all im doing is hurting


i wish i were better at creating than destroying things

you see you can't mend jeans while you are wearing them

i've tried

you cann't mend tears in friendships while you are still stuck loving them

and i can't leave either behind without feeling naked, alone and empty

so im stuck in this limbo

wearing my pain on my legs and sleeves

everyone can see im broken and breaking the things aroudnd me

i'm sorry

i'm sorry for the things i've done to break and tear you

for not being careful when running with sharp object and cutting corners

i always find some way to unintentionally snag you on the table and then i just continue to tearing trend....

im sorry i dont know how to live in one piece

i'm sorry

trust me

i'd fix you if i could

but i still think you are beautiful and even more comfortable with the imperfections

if only we could all learn to live with them....

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