Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 315: growing

the boxes
will not pack themselves
sometimes i wish they would
it would make goodbyes so much easier
i seem to have grown a lot this year
from a suitcase and 4 boxes
two suitcases
and too many boxes to count at the moment
im wondering where all this crap comes from
and where it goes when im gone
when its stored
does it hold the memories fresh
or are all these pictures soon to be cobwebbed
rat eaten
cockroach pooped
will they forget the way you touched
against my skin
how the first date sunk into my pores like hot air
how the last one felt the same
will my sheets remember the tears from our breakup
or how we cuddled the week after
trying to harness some kind of closure that we could take with us
will my pillow forget how i said i moved on
and lied
to your phone
your email
and your face
and how you believed me and followed the fake leader facade
and how i tried to be happy for you
but instead
hated myself


i want to pack myself up in these boxes
say goodbye to the fresh air
and grow
the way my possessions did
this year.

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