Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 322:the way you say goodbye

the way you say goodbye
touches me in my sleep
i can feel your fingertips some mornings in my tears when i am strong enough to cry
sometimes i keep them coming just to feel you longer
remember what you caring felt like

i've been trying to understand lately what forever means
but its nothing i can hold here
in this empty space
where everything that seems to stay leaves
and everything that seems upright
is really shattered
and all the hearts melt into each other
there is nothing to hold here but on
and holding that way
the way people wait when they look upright but are really leaving
that way hurts
hurts like being shattered
and trying to stay
and the language
all the language is backwards
and none of the words fit just right
so our mouths explode
trying to make room for the tears thats dont come unless they already left
it here where i realized that forever is nothing
at least not something without you
but remember
im in the space where all the mistakes hover
and everyone who shatters
and everyone who leaves looks upright
and im here in this empty space
waiting for forever
waiting for you
thinking about a place
where everything is whole
and maybe not so upright

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