Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 320: its been longer than you think

tonight seems like the right night to miss you
its 58 degrees without wind
so its barely comfortable in bed alone
but its the kinda night i'd hold you tight anyways
i cant see the moon from my window
its too bright
but by morning
ill be able to feel the sunrise
ill be able to feel the light side of the bed curl into itself in your absence
you havent been here is so long
it seems like never from here
but i know
thats just the distance and time talk
cuz i've held you in these sheets
your back at my chest
i've felt my breathe break against your neck
and i watched you leave
without looking back
without even a second glance
it feels like that night again
where the moon doesnt shine
my bed and i
just waiting for the sunrise

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