Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 343:las madres

In the years between 1976 and 1983
The Argentinean government played abracadabra with
30,000 children
for 7 years
awoke to the silence of the missing heartbeats
empty beds
broken souls

once a week these women carve white circles around the plaza
give the lost a face
the mute a voices
scream the names of their children into the earth that has swallowed them
they call them the mothers of the disappeared
las madres
as if magic had anything to do with these children’s absence
we are no longer crying
our eyes are already whitewashed
you can see how our faces have eroded from the salt
our skin in scared from our stories
and our hearts
look like open caskets
waiting for bodies
our sons have been buried alive
and we hold onto their memories hoping there are not lost to themselves
wonder if they remember our names

the dirty war laasted 7 years of military dictatorship
its 2010
27 years later
but there are still mothers counting down days late at night
trying to picture what their grown sons must look like

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