Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 485: “we all know that nostalgia is dangerous”

“we all know that nostalgia is dangerous”
that remembering the way yesterday taste can make you nothing but thirsty
make you crave for rewinds
but time
time doesn’t black flip
your hunger will only leave you empty
searching for yesterdays when there are barely even today’s on the horizon
is only after-taste
only broken dreams
and we
are too near sided to seek for things beyond ourselves so we live in dreams we’ve already breathed

everyone needs a little saving from tomorrows
and questions
and fears
like questions we’ve never heard
but tomorrows are just yerdays inverted
memories are just the best and worst parts of our past refusing to be forgotten
everything in the middle is grey
that what we are always afraid to become
blurry and forgotten
“we all know that nostalgia is dangerous”
but it’s the only thing keeping us above ground

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