Monday, April 16, 2012

DAy 1000: the end?

a few things iʻve learned in the last 1000 days

writing is not the same as growing
it is not a substitute for hard
concentrated work
is it not
i repeat
what will force you to change
in the moments that require most strength
it will not be the reason you stand fight or fall

she will not change
no matter how many times you have written her
and yours
she will not be
what you want of her
she can only be
whatever she has always known

is your strongest advocate
will often be your only alternative to fracturing
take it

this is just a poem
is it not a telescope
a microscope
or a crystal ball
it is not the answer
or a tunnel tracing the other side of the universe
it is not even a promise
it is just
the scribble of secrets that have come to the surface

stopping is exactly the same as giving up
it doenst matter how long you last
to cease
is not an option

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