Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 998: airports

in what seems like
a million other independant locations of the world
there is anoth building
that locks movers behind security and loads them onto the wings of angels
tells them they can fly as far as the edge and back
tells them
for a little extra they can even have a snack

i am trying to understand
how many people at this exact moment may be flying
and how many others
are fitting themselves into carry on sizes of their lives
how many are wlaking down the terminal trying not to make eyecontact
how many bodies are moving
right now?
with 6 billion people in the world
how many are laying still
how many have dies
how many are born

i am sitting in an airport that seems like it is much too full for this time of day
how many people in the world may be thinking the exact same thing
wonder how we could dare calls this a recession when you can get champaign on united
and orange juice for free
wonder how much of this privilege cannot be washed from myself before falling a sleep
if anyone ever wonders these things

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