Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 996: For Aunty Lyz of Sāmoa

i met a woman who loves like family line
who somehow sees value in mine
through im hawaiian blood
too many times removed
and she is samoan skin
spilling every part of herself onto kitchen linoleum out of love for our connection

i wonder how many times she has been here
how many times she has wondered whether or not his might be the last time our skins are pressed against each other
when we can close distance of oceans between our islands
find value in our navigation

she must know that we cannot forget her
the way she turned mother to our wandering bodies and hearts
the way she held us his her skin tone
the way we promised to return
i just hope she knows we love her
from the sound of our voices
and the way our feet fell over her stairs
in our departure

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