Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 995: faith

The numbers keep falling over the edges like water
the rhythm reminds me our goodbyes
soft at firsts
then ending heavy
with a crack
with a shatter
i am wondering
if there is an end to this counting madness
if time ever learns to fracture
split at the edges
in the centers
the way i have
some nights
in thinking about the way you leave after every time you arrive
so instead
i am watching the way the number fall off our countdown
watching this timetable turn to explosion

i keep wondering when it stops
you know
cuz i keep saying it aloud
and i promise
im trying so hard not to
question any part of our bodies
but again i am reminded
that faith is nothing if left unquestioned
so i throw this wondering to the wind
let it take flight in their scattering
watch the way it fall
close enough to my body
knowing this is the closest i will get
to security
in your absence

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