Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 360: send me the moon

Written to this song:

Remember those days
When we wore our hearts on our sleeves like diamonds
Now they look more like smudges
Reminders of yesterdays
And promises for tomorrows
They make me uneasy
Make my skin flutter
Make me walk backwards
And remember the days before moonlight
Before we noticed the stars are brighter in certain skies
Before there was a color called “greener”
Before we learned what it meant to be breathless
And shattered
Before we knew what empty was
When everything was whole
Those are the parts of the universe I left with you
Under your sheets

There are constellations here these days
We call them by names
But I remember when we called them gods
Promised not to forget the ones we prayed upon
And that was enough
At least it was for us

Remember when we called distance the space between our fingertips when we embraced
When the ocean was just where we learned not to drown
We look at her like the miles she holds between our lips
The wet air under our pillows
the emptiness we feel in the back of our throats when there is nothing left to say
and no one to confess to
when secrets were about crushes
not loves
we didn’t use those words then
but we felt them
under our skin
between our short breaths
when everything was infinitely simple
life was a bluebird on a shoulder
the only trouble was that we hadn’t yet learned to fly away
but at least we knew then
how to stay

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