Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dsay 467: distance has nothing on difference

Sometimes I wonder if your silence comes from you mission
From my speech
From the sides of prop 8 we were made to stand on
But I want you to know
I could really care less about marriage
There are bigger fish to fry
But I wonder
How your prophets would feel about me at your reception
I was already not welcome in those temples
Even back when I was straight
I still didn’t have the right breeding
trust me,
I understand the exclusive
Or at least I have learned to
But we used to be the ocean
The white wash
Now we are just propositions and picket lines

I am no more a sinner than you
I am no less human
So if its easy
You can love me like I am judas
Like I made some kind of mistake
That need forgiveness
Or you can love me like family
The kind we were when we still had secrets and silence
And questions we couldn’t ask
You can love me like that
I think
You are capable at least

We sit an ocean a part
But I don’t think it’s the distance as much as it is our differences
You have stories piling up in blog posts
I read them all
Someday I wonder if you’ve ever read any of mine
Or if breaking this way is easy
For you
For the divine
For the enlightened
I think not
But can be sure
I am sure I don’t know you
I am sure I miss you
But not of much else , these days

All I know is there used to be a chord tied to my index finger
That could have extended beyond the pacific to you
Could have build bridges like golden gates
Or tunnels
There are ways to connect things separated by seas
Separated by distance
But maybe
Maybe im nieve
Maybe there is no way to hold on
When we stand on opposite ends of picket lines
But you should know
Im here by default almost
And maybe you are too
If you’d like
I’d put it aside
We could meet by the shoreline
Grab our boards
Pick up our mother tongues
Paddle out into the sunrise

Like we used to

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