Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 458: the fall

the orange maple leaves here remind me of you
remind me of us
hanging from a thin branch
helpless to gravity
how we are stunning the way we fall
like feathers
crash like diamonds
stutter in the wind
sometime we make music in our quiet
sometimes we make silence in our tears

the trees change slowly in this season
its hard to notice by the day
until the branches are left bare
until theres nothing but twigs
and then you remember them being whole
but you dont remember the transformation as much
how nothing happen overnight
the way it seemed
how it tooks months to build and fall
how we took months to build and shatter

winter is coming soon
the environment is preparing itself in ways we forgot to
but spring will come after
the season we never made it to
maybe this time we will plant in safer climates
in places where the branches stay sturdy
and flowers bloom through december
maybe this time we'll pull caution back from the wind
lay it in our roots
remind ourselves of all we have lost
all that we have left
and all we have yet to gain

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