Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 441: you are not my moon, sunshine

i left an empty green bottle back home
hoping it would sever and sharpen by the sea
where boys learn how to break hearts
and girls learn how to cover up
an ocean that forgives more than it should

i left a beautiful girl there
watched her fall more in love
let her become more attached
home is where you learn
that fooling yourself into love only slows the process
of a broken heart
only makes the shatter last longer
only breaks a little harder
i left her there
where only lost promises could hold
no tomorrows
i left her with a cord to hold
to tie
a bottle of vodka
a camerca full of memories

we are all shattered here
shaving ourselves into compact version
i wish i was strong enough to have love you right
to have help on
to not have remembered the other i had before you
its not a matter of giving up
and second tries
of what you lack
of what i deny
its the fact that my heart is like the ocean
it only reacts to the moon
can only conjure mountains from gravity
only call the storm through night
but theres no doubt that you were my sun
the brightest part about me
teaching me to cast shadows
to leave something in my wake
to pay more attention
to see beyond routine
i cant hide the truth with you shining on me
cannot pretend to be moved
when in your light
we can see everything
especially the cracks
where we crumbled
especially the mistakes
we tries so hard to hid

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