Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 461: Breathe again

Written to this song:

We left the weakest part of ourselves in our tracks
Walking away
We learned how to pretend not to look back
But you’ve got a glow I cannot forget
It is yours
It holds the scared parts of my skin
The parts that shiver easy
The parts that remember the fire in your cehst
And call you everything
And forever
And breathe
And life
Remember that
When we were everything
The sky
The distance
The ocean
We were all of it

We live in the cracks of sidewalk pavement now
The open parts are rare and dangerous
We avoid those steps
There is nothing but pain in full view
Those are the parts that are easy to remember
Your smile
Your skin
Hard to forget
That’s why I haven’t yet
I remember all the language we used in tongues
And skin
And hearts
All the dialects
The conversations we held over each others chests
Now those are fragmented
And almost forgotten

All I have
All I need
Hold me in your hands
In your breath
Search for the beautiful parts of me in the streets we took into distance
The strong parts are gone
But those can be rebuilt
From the ugly
From the scared
From the remembered
From the young

We can relearn to beath
You know,
Its possible
The answers are there
In the porch lights we left on
When we said we wouldn’t return
And hoped in our skin that we were lying

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