Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 705: inspired by Hannah

"family talks arent included when you can afford rehab"
so we've purchased a silent space for our darkest demons
its measured in miles across the pacific
and in the minutes it takes to strike up a normal conversation
the hours spent
checking the sky for falling objects
when you were sure the heavens were crashing down on you
they must think you are crazy
for keeping your eyes locked
all we found was rain drops
left on the sides of your cheeks
and a picture you snapped with a smile
and a girl too beautiful to be anywhere near the messes we've made
its miraculous
the amount of universe we've destroyed
with just your lips
and the silence stretched between them
the moments full of waiting holding our tongues
in the back of our throats
learning to swallow or gag ourselves in the discomfort
its all over now
you are the miles
and i am the time
and there no tide to bring us closer
just distance
just the money we flung to the horizon
when every part of our bodies was broken and needed to be re-assembled
we purchased the shiniest tickets
and the strongest parts
not knowing at all
how to piece everything
back together

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