Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 710: physics

3 things i know to be true

on the mornings i awake without the feeling of your breath on my skin
something about my body breaks
is was skeleton
fractured into a thousand pieces
every part of me forgot the texture of your promises
there are parts of this body you tricked out of breathing
some mornings
i resent you for it
i only cry

the distance we've managed to force between our bodies
is not a measure of the strength of our love
a measure of what we are willing to put each other through
to have what we want

there is nothing beautiful about a broken heart
strung across a clothes line
nothing magical about the way you say goodbye
nothing about this sings me to sleep
nothing about you knows how to hold me from where you are
nothing here is forever


we made promises that tried to defy the laws of physics
but every morning that i wake up
and cannot fly
is one day closer to realizing

this may be as good as it gets

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