Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 708: never get back

3 songs i sang to your morning

you are the tremble under my skin when i am taken to dream land
the shock through my body
the reminder of movement and being free
something to be looking forward to
something to keep my eyes off the tracks
off the past

thunder and pleiades
the planets aligning perfectly
the crisp on the tip of your lips
the crackle in your kiss
the broken parts of these bodies finding homes
something solid
rock like
home base
safety shade
the things we remember from childhood games

i love yous that arent enough
the words we use to try to take their place
the space we fill in the meantime
the future we cant help but build in our minds
the present that tears us apart
the past thats not any better
everything we ever wondered
a spark set to the tint of your eyes

these are the songs i sing to your morning
these are the parts of me
ill never get back
even if i asked

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