Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 782: not sure

You think I don’t write poems for you anymore
But iʻve sung a new song for you for every morning Iʻve woken up thinking you were beside me
I sleep with extra space on my bed
In case the version iʻve created of you in my dreams
Decides that your home could actually be the places I wait for you
To appear
I love you with every passive aggressive bone in my body
Every snide remark
Every boil of jealously
And every smile
Every touch
Every song iʻve ever sung
Somedays this brings me comfort
I want to fling myself from the highest building
Take any woman in the wings worth waiting for
If I stay on the surface of love
I can surf my way with out getting hurt again
With out having
To make more plans that will never happen
These aren’t the right words
I don’t know if they exist

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