Thursday, September 15, 2011

DAY 786: insecure

i will
for as long as i can look into the future
ask you how
when you tell me you love me
ask you to show me
because i am incapable of taking your word
for believing
i need to be reminded that i am worthy
in order for me to act
like i am worthy
that you are depending on me
on my ability to stay stable rock like

its 9pm
but its 3am somewhere in my body
iʻve been looking for you there
in the cracks of our time
i know these words are nonsensical
but listen if you can
there are parts of you that will come scratching to the surface
screaming to be heard
you will know i am too afraid to say your name out loud
unsure if you still feel the same
convinced that there is no way
that you could

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