Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 796: please

do not let me fall
back into you
not now
when i have done so well at letting go
at building these walls
at this baracade game
at saying no
telling the ones i love
these will be no bells
no whistles
no return of the blue eyed masterpiece
that we are through
and i am healthy
kind of
do not let me be weak
do not let me imagine
it will take me nowhere but back
and do nothing but break
and i have worked so hard recently at being whole
and without mistake
full of potential
of promise
so please
do not cradle me when i trip
rather remind me why we severed ourselves
remind me of the distance
and the lies we both made
and the boy and girl we both have the potential to hurt or heal
how i want to love something that wont shatter
how i know that cannot be us
please do not
let me

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