Friday, July 24, 2009

day 4: Time bomb

She has nothing left to give
but im not keen on taking
i've just been stuck to her hip since late last nights
cuz i cant touch anyone without dropping everything for them
my skin absorbs too easily
im not tough enough
i need my own walls
im too tired of breaking other's down and being the only one naked
she'll still waste deep in lack of regret for broken hearts
and i cant hold her around the foundation
she's cracking and my arms are getting tired of stretching
she's got go away dont leave me still tattooed to her cheek from the last time she kissed someone and meant it
and every time we text i write poems about our excursions into tears and hearts depth
but im tired of digesting
tired of telling her
Hearts are meant to be broken
that the only way for it to grow is break and rebuild
im tired
tired of explaining that my hearts to big to fit in my chest
thats why its on my sleeve
my emotions are too unstable to be in my blood i wear them on my face
that im a ticking time bomb
just looking for something to love.

1 comment:

  1. This is so beautiful. good luck with your challenge!