Monday, February 1, 2010

day 196: forget

sometimes we write trying to remember
and sometimes
to forget
we banish our hearts from our chest
cut lifelines into our wrist
we kiss our demons goodnight
and settle the skeletons in our closest
we are the most fucked up creatures we have ever seen
so we will face any monster other than the mirror
we are more afraid of what is on the bed than bellow
because we have grown to know more pain from ourselves than anyone one or thing else
we are facing our own green mile sentence
where the people we loved a little less than we should have are crying in the isle
watching us march to wedding bells
sometimes there are things we just rather forget
so we write them differently than they happened and memorize the new sequence
in poem we memorize our history backwards in a way that doesn't sting
but there are till remnants of the truth that rings us away at midnight
during our dreams
we are shaken into nightmare
trying to forget
doing nothing but remembering

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