Saturday, February 27, 2010

day 222: the beginning of a green piece

2 weeks ago our turetic earth ticked in the aftermath of gods anger
Haiti felt catasraphy in the number 7
today chile felt the same
learning to fear 8.8
50 years since its last earthquake of its size
there is a wall of water taunting my homeland
they call this global warming
the climate is correcting itself
i call it earth rattling
plates shifting
tsumani lifting
the seas are rising
and in my tiny honolulu town
that means no more beach front property in 30 years
no more beach
just ocean
i hope the navy ships sink with us
because the baggage they brought along with their guns and bombs
make this island to heavy for the ocean to carry any longer
there is cancer in the air
leprosy in our water
and ignorance in our blood
we tell ourselves our recycling matters
that our prius cars make a difference
when in reality
we are sinking in quicksand
our hands above our heads trying to form prayer for relief funds
trying to learn how to breathe under water
teach me to flout
swimming is to tiring
i've been treading water for so long
i just want to lay back
watch the sunrise over diamond head
i wonder how the horizon will change
whether or not islands can re-incarnate
if i can
why can papa
mother earth
she was always more powerful anyways
i wonder
am i leaving soon
will i ever get to come back
and if i do, do you think god will let me remember..

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