Tuesday, February 2, 2010

day 197: homesick

today while sitting in class a song made me cry
i was reminded of the power of music
of our stories
of the voices the ocean creates when it sways
the sounds our souls scream when our skin is crying to go home
i miss my mom
i dont say it often
im not sure if thats because i rarely feel her while im here
or im too ashamed to admit that i always do
but either way
i am crying
wishing my mother can hear me all away across the ocean
like i can hear my father singing
tonight i am wishing i can sleep beside my family
hoping that there is still a story left to be made with my name in it

today i am listening to music that reminds me of home
but staying away from the songs that remind me of childhood
some days i cant even listen to my fathers songs
his voice pull too many string
too many tears
and tonight i dont want to cry
i just want to go home

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