Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 286: Phoenixing melodies.

Her name was Heolimeleikalani

The chant sung to the heavens

Her father once told her she was born to sing

Imagined red like the screeching burst of exploding sunsets


To flatten sharp melodies

Making notes flow off tongues

Painting the world to taste so beautiful

It would burn taste buts of ear-drums

And would feel like candy

She was born to compose happiness

By pheonixing strings into pullaways

Lioness guitars into cars to carry loneliness and other sour emotions away

But she was never taught how to survive

So when arthritis tried to snake the hiss of harmonics

Painted by her calloused fingertips

She cried

Once looked for love and tasting perfection only is the space between the first, third and fifth

But today she has looked beyond the treble clef

And its left her breathless

And since

Chords now only phoenix into echoing ashed silence and dissipate

They don't paint

Tigerd hands

Have be Found tired from the weight of histories too sharp to taste or sing

And then it seemed the keys slithered into snakes

Tuners and capos

No longer spider webbed plucked harmonics

She is lonely

Because since love died

She was left without music

Its beauty tricked her to believe

That strings could resonate hearts forever

Elephant memories

Made her believe music still howled within her

But the color of a perfect major

Hasn't shined in years

And she misses the taste of a perfectly kissed frequency

She's survived the death of 3am cutaway melodies

But barely

You see without the chords music makes to sew hearts and souls

Heoli is breaking

She survived arthritis long enough to still allow songs to parakeet through hollow pens

But barely

Shes survived loneliness

Penguin-ning lovers

But barely

And she has only been left with the memories of what reality could be

But wont be

She still breathes and dreams

But something is missing


The space between two perfectly played songs

Placed on the street between the slap of bass strings

That can Diminish minor chords

Just by a misplaced thumb


Where the air that the final resolving note rests on

lets you know the song is done

She is the final note

But she’s lost her song

She misses home

misses her song


i've been missing home

so just teach me at what frequency I have to kiss

to find my way back to scores and clefs that still resonate like music never left

teach my insomnia to sing be back to sleep

please just

Take me Home

To the origin of my song

Where all notes start

and breaths rest to let words part from lips

Because I miss the girl I was

when I was housed safely

in music

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